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The following are but a tiny fraction of the false prophecies Elijah List has sent out. When we post any word at all on The Elijah List website-- ANY word some think it's from God and some think it's NOT from God. Over time, you will decide literally for yourself which words you feel are trustworthy for YOU and/or which prophets you feel have the least or best credibility.Prophesy, that is predictive, is to be judged not only on whether or not the prophecy came true, but on how it depicts the character and testimony of God, and whether or not it teaches what the Bible teaches. (Steve Shultz: "DEBUGGING THE PROPHETIC--Questions and Answers with Steve Shultz", The Elijah List, 12/4/07) First of all, I want you to notice who the prophets listed below have claimed is speaking.As we were waiting in London for our flight to Nigeria, we looked out the windows and saw an interesting pattern in the clouds. a sign and a wonder for London, for England -- Steve Shultz (Chuck Pierce: "GOD'S INTERVENTION OVER LONDON AND THE WHOLE OF ENGLAND -- Prophecy and Prayer Directives Coincide with Historic, Unexplainable 90-Minute Stop of BIG BEN CLOCK", The Elijah List, 5/31/05) First of all, this is false prophecy because it is based on reading omens like a pattern in the clouds or Big Ben stopping briefly.There was clearly a sword emblazoned in white across the sky. De Let no-one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practises divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft Second, this contains a definite false declaration/prophecy about Islam not being able to be the guiding force over England.Promises and commands for Israel are teleported to modern times and turned into all kinds of mandates for the Church.This is what Gary Gilley of Think On These Things had called "fairy tale hermeneutics".This is a sampling of false prophecies by many false prophets that have been distributed by Elijah List.I have been collecting Elijah List newsletters for years. Steve Schultz, head of Elijah List, states a very unbiblical premise for the prophecies he sends out to his mailing list of 100,000 plus.

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This, I believe, is intended to be like the red letter text in some Bibles.( Britain may continue to regard itself as a Christian nation. I saw angels with swords drawn ready to cut time for some prisoners . In the Spirit I could overhear some prison wardens and officials discussing some of the prisoners' destinies who were doomed with lengthy sentences, saying, "How can this be? Without that record or file there is not enough evidence to keep him here! " Death row angels were descending to interfere in the affairs of men and women and the death assignments over them.But practicing Muslims are likely to outnumber church-attending Christians in several decades, according to a recent survey by Christian Research, a group that specializes in documenting the status of Christianity in Britain. At the end of the teaching, I explained how the breath of God is released as the shofar is blown... Some angels were present to stay the hand of death, while other angels were present to welcome others into the presence of Jesus.Most of the emails from Elijah List are full of the misapplication of Old Testament Scripture.I don't have time to detail all these instances but wanted to mention this aspect of the false prophecies in order to help the reader to understand that there are many dimensions to the false prophecies and false teachings I am detailing that are not fully covered by this article. There shall be a cleaning up, and there shall be a wonderful, wonderful victory, says the spirit of the Lord; therefore, let your Christmas be a Christmas of celebration, because beyond this year, into 2004, suddenly there shall be a shift ... A very unusual wind, and you shall not say as Elijah said, "God was not in the wind." The spirit of the Lord said, "It shall be a sign that that which has tormented the citizens of this nation, of Great Britain, of Saudi Arabia, and many other nations, shall be swiftly brought to an end," says the Lord.

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