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Usually the effects are sleeplessness at night or sleepiness during the day (even if you have a full night’s sleep), but may also include malaise, loss of appetite, dehydration, headaches, mild dizziness, or even nausea.

Some may also have nosebleeds for a few days because of the bone-dry air on the aircraft.

Up to now there have been mountains of books from ivory-tower academics praising Japan to the skies, and websites about places to see, etc.

Some have very cheap international routes to Korea, Taiwan, China, and beyond.

Japan is 9 hours ahead of London, 17 hours ahead of California PST (16 ahead on PDT), and 1 hour behind Sydney, Australia.

Generally jet lag hits hardest flying east, but largely depends on how many time zones you cross, the departure/arrival time, the flight length, and how much you can sleep during the flight.

Some ear-plugs, an eye-mask, and skin lotion can also help.

Before your flight, sign up with a frequent flier program — many airlines have them, and eventually you can get free flights through them.

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