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Meera is a club dancer in the dark streets of Mumbai, who like all performers of Mumbai, aspires to be on the screen someday.She gets used by film producers who promise her roles in their films, but fail to do so later. But the unexpected arrival of Shyam, a taxi driver, changes the course of her life. Her career also starts looking up as she progresses to being a popular item dancer and then gets cast as the heroine in a film.Swetha Menon's real-life delivery was shot live on camera for the film.The film is dubbed in Telugu as Malle Teega and released in more number of theatres.The movie is not only polluting the family values and the rich cultural heritage of ancient Bharata but also legitimising a woman’s efforts to sell her moral values for making money and attaining cheap publicity.I will not be surprised if she plans to deliver her second baby at a public place like festival venues as part of making money.The story of Kalimannu came into Blessy's mind during a trip to Dubai after completing Pranayam (2011).

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Meera who is left all alone again, thinks of donating Shyam’s organs to people in need.Shobha Surendran, Mahila Morcha leader said at a press meet: "We urge the Censor Board and the state government not to allow its screening here.Otherwise, the activists of the Mahila Morcha will stall the film’s release.The delivery filming caused a "culture shock" in Kerala.The debate began when Kerala Legislative Assembly Speaker G.

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