Volcanic ash dating

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They concluded that they are likely to recur at intervals of between 5,200 and 48,000 years, with the "best-guess value” a rate of every 17,000 years.Records suggest that the two most recent super-eruptions took place between 20,000-30,000 years ago.Both airlines will continue 11 flights throughout Friday but neither will carry passengers to Bali.

Ash cloud with a large content of ash particles (84 x 55 km / 52 x 34 miles) was observed 131 km (81 miles) to the north-northeast.According to the Indonesian seismic reports, tremors were recorded on Thursday and overnight.The time between each shake was decreasing and the size of the tremors was getting stronger, making an eruption highly likely.At least 60 large eruptions have occurred during the Holocene, making it the most vigorous andesitic volcano of the Kuril-Kamchatka arc.Widespread tephra layers from these eruptions have provided valuable time markers for dating volcanic events in Kamchatka.

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