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The males look the same as the females in all appreciable ways, save for the eyes, which are beady and incomplete-looking.

Gallagher's side profiles almost invariably have snoutface, a trait of American manga-kas who try way too hard to imitate Japanese cartoons.

Well, hell, although I guess you're just slavishly imitating Japanese artists, right, so you can appease your Japanophile fanbase? Moving from art to writing in Megatokyo is like moving from an oil refinery to a slaughterhouse.

And they'd leave if it didn't have that inherently Japanese look? The former merely stinks, the latter is literally repulsive. Caston's, I will summarize by saying this: Freddie Gallagher needs to get a life.

The second thing you'll notice is that all of his characters have the same basic style: Not enough detail in some places, too much detail in others.

His eyes look like a four-year old's on the females in his comic, regardless of age.

And not special like gay, special like "I'm never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down", etcetera, etcetera. His name makes it sounds like he's going to set fire to his house. It helps me to think of Piro as Phil Collins and Largo as Peter Gabriel. Piro would direct the band to making shittier and shittier songs, until eventually the band sounded like a bunch of obnoxious whining pussies who couldn't get laid without writing out long-ass ballads for their girlfriends. Soon, Gallagher will have the band caricatured as puppets and they will sing tirades against the ineffective Reagan Administration. In fact, he was actually an architect for many years. A former architect should be able to draw better than this. Gallagher should have some experience with using a pen or some other type of inking tool. Unless, of course, you buy his inked-and-colored comic books from DC Comics, which is hardly fair, considering that buying his work at a premium does nothing to alleviate from the fact that Gallagher's lazy, long-winded writing is as bad as his lazy, hamhanded drawing.

Some of the more NSFW ones I've removed with the exception of the ones that are just too darned funny to go through work without!

(PA comes to mind) So, any suggestions on what to add to my list?

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