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He's so irresistible, even cover girl Lily Collins fell under his spell: they've been dating since filming wrapped last year!

Hit the jump to either read or listen to what he had to say.Most important question of the day: Why two i Phones? Plus, one has all my naked pictures on it and the other one doesn’t.It’s anyone’s guess which one’s the production i Phone." data-visio-width="1820" data-visio-height="2669" class="js-visio__image js-visio__trigger" alt="" src="https://com/diormag/sites/default/files/styles/dn_image_slider/public/image/emma_watson_visuel.jpg?itok=emine YLW" width="621" height="910" / A coffee enjoyed in the London morning sunshine, a moment of relaxation on a terrace.

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