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However, living without them is hard too—there are things that should not be the concern of women, or simply require brute strength to get accomplished.

Also, there's one thing that makes males necessary—procreation.

Men, while still competent (usually), are only supporters at best, accessories at worst, and can only hope to be part of the Token Romance.

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The edges are taken by positions where the opposite sex doesn't exist, or exists in only a contemptible form.Men are useless and there's not a single thing that women couldn't accomplish without them. That's the only reason men weren't slaughtered already.But they are still reduced to second-class citizens at best, and to sex slaves at worse.If you enjoy the free quality content featured on this website, we encourage you to join Girls Out West as they have over 800 Aussie models, an astounding 293,170 high resolution images and over 4000 HD movies for you to download.Their website is updated twice every day, so you can see all the full image sets and videos of the girls featured on this website plus many more, you really get value for money mate!

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