Rob eager dating with pure passion

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He never expressed envy over Kim's abilities, and instead constantly offered her encouragement in the field, and showed himself to largely be a loyal friend/boyfriend.Due to Ron's relaxed and easy-going natured, he was normally highly resistant to most forms of peer pressure, and was largely unconcerned with appearance and fads unless they concerned him directly.He served as the "bumbling sidekick" and best friend to Kim Possible.

These areas were usually related to areas that he didn't find important, or where he knew that the results would be satisfactory without him doing anything, such as making his partner do all of the work on a shared project Ron has repeatedly shown a tendency to become obsessed with various ideas and/or concepts, especially if they were either connected to what he saw as a personal flaw in himself, or if they somehow corrected the aforementioned flaw in his eyes.

Ron had a tendency to hold onto childhood habits and customs, often stubbornly refusing to change despite the negative reactions of others.

Examples of this included continuing a tradition of trick-or-treating although his peers had long since stopped.

Ron later tried to legitimize a junk food diet by eating nothing but Bueno Nacho meals, which quickly worsened his already bad eating habits and, in combination with falling into Henchco's Project Titan vat, ultimately turned him into a rampaging behemoth.

As Kim once so accurately commented, Ron was also "prone to big-headiness" from time to time.

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