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Of the naturally occurring carbon isotopes, one of them is a radioisotope called C.

(The 14 tells us that the atom contains the usual 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 plus an additional 2 neutrons.) This radioisotope exists in trace amounts and is mainly created when carbon atoms in the upper atmosphere encounter cosmic radiation.

Cerling and Paine Let us return to the two projects that began this conversation. Cerling is examining the C ratios in the tooth enamel of fossil primates from Kenya.If our ancestors were roaming savanna habitats through different seasons, what types of plants might they have eaten at different times?What parts of the plants might they have focused their attention, and how would they have satisfied their energetic requirements on such a diet?In the case of isotopes, the number of neutrons is variable.If an isotope is stable, then unless some outside force acts upon it, this isotope will sit around and do its thing, stably, forever. They will emit energy in the form of ionizing radiation until this instability is sufficiently resolved.

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