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He was in London to participate in a meeting commemorating the Olympic Truce and Sport for Social Change. For seven days before, during and seven days after the Olympic Games, in the spirit of peaceful cooperation, participating countries agreed to cease all conflicts (U. N., agreeing to observe the Olympic Truce for a 45 day period from the opening ceremony of the XXX Olympic Games to the closing ceremony of the XIV Paralympic Games, which followed in London (July 27 through Sept. We applaud the work of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and his officials, notably his Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace, Wilfried Lemke, and his team.

With IOC President Jacques Rogge, they are finding new ways to develop communities and build peace through sport.

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The connection keeps seniors tied to the industry, active socially and may lead to mentorship or provide a career connection for volunteers. Watch Video Intergenerational drama theater workshops involving students and seniors that combine first hand memories held by seniors along with role-play. Seniors take a rap, hip-hop class and perform in front of a live audience upon completion providing senior arts, creativity and confidence.

In particular, we are grateful for their promotion of gender equality, inclusion of people living with disabilities, prevention of HIV and AIDS and other diseases, environmental sustainability, and peace and conflict resolution (UNOSDP, 2011, p. While the reality of the Truce remains an ideal, it provides the U. and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) an opportunity to underscore the power of the sport development and peace (SDP) initiative to reduce violence and enhance the well-being of vulnerable people throughout the world.

Yet, during this Truce period, Syrian officials violated the Truce agreement and the world watched in horror the siege of Aleppo, Syria by Syrian troops.

A volunteer based intergenerational orchestra with members ranging in age from 6 to 93 years olds allowing for intergenerational teaching and learning combinations within the universal language of music and the arts. To promotes senior arts, historical learning activities, understanding and creativity between generations. Los Angeles, California, USA A free monthly movie matinee and lunch activity featuring classic films from years gone by from a generation which senior citizens can appreciate.

To promote and support seniors who enjoy going to the theater. Watch Video Home-bound elderly receive a glossy package of art work from the museum’s exhibitions and call in to access the accompanying lecture through a teleconferencing system all to keep home-bound elderly involved in artistic activities. Senior art workshops providing the full experience of visiting museums, discussing artwork, and creating their own artistic forms of expression.

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