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During the car trip from Chester to St Louis, Honeck said, ‘Why, we must be going 35 miles an hour.’ The driver, Warden Ross Randolph, answered, ‘Actually, Richard, we’re going 65.’ Later, on the jet, Honeck remarked, ‘I travelled faster in that car today than I ever had in my life, and now we’re going almost 10 times that fast – and six miles up in the air, too.’” Honeck was met at San Francisco airport by his niece, Mrs Clara Orth, who had been alerted to his extraordinary story by Poos’s original news report.She had quit her job to care for her uncle, selling her one-bedroom trailer home and buying another in Oregon which had two bedrooms for them (St Petersburg Orth – who was Honeck’s sister’s daughter – had some family memories to recount as well.

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Fossard (no doubt originally Foussard) was then just 21 years old; he was tracked down, interrogated, judged insane, and then incarcerated on 21 August that same year. Some people couldn’t have their straightjackets removed, they were that mad.

Bill Wallace was 46 when he shot dead a man named Ernest Williams during an argument over a cigarette in a Melbourne cafe in 1926.

In normal circumstances, his age alone would have been enough to deny Wallace a place on this listing. He lived on, and on, dying only after serving more than 63 years inside.

But while his record-breaking stretch probably was unique in its day, the 64 years plus change he served has since been exceeded at least eight other cases…

[1] In depth: Charles Fossard (70 years, the current world record-holder) and “Old Bill” Wallace (63 years; died, still incarcerated, aged 107) [2] In depth: The case of Paul Geidel (68 years) [3] In depth: The case of Van Dyke Grigsby (66 years and a Johnny Cash song) [4] In depth: The case of Frank Smith (67 years and the current longest-serving man) [5] In depth: The case of Howard Christensen (64 years of being obnoxious) [6] Longest spells in solitary confinement [7] State-by-state capsule studies of longest sentences served, featuring ‘Crazy Jimmie’ Williams, Leslie van Houten and the Manson Family, ‘Old Fitz’ Fitzgerald, the Lipstick Killer, the Starved Rock Murderer, Warren Nutter, the Boston Boy Fiend, bestiality in Missouri, death row poetry, the Kitty Genovese case, and a mid-sentence West Coast road trip for West Virginia’s leading badman… S., featuring the Kissing Point Mutilation Murder, bride purchasing in Denmark, the Man in the Iron Mask, and Ian Brady…

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