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Authorities will look for the entry stamp in order to match it with an exit stamp and complete your visit.Example: Michael shows his Italian passport which he used to enter Brazil at the start of his trip.Step 7: Departing Immigration Authority: Government Immigration Department Passport to Show: The One You Used to Enter Here we continue to do things in reverse.Present the passport you used to enter your destination country in order to exit.It is therefore very important that when you present yourself at immigration that the document you present matches the airline manifest.Here immigration is concerned with if you have permission to enter the country you’ve arrived at, not if you had permission to be in the country you’ve just come from.We show the airline the passport we plan to use when we reach our destination country.It doesn’t matter if that passport does not allow you to be in the country you are departing from. Example: Michael checks in to his flight in the USA using his Italian passport.

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If you have and still aren’t sure about traveling with two passports, this post is for you.

This could be a passport from that country that denotes citizenship, or a visa in another country’s passport that allows you to stay there.

We will assume that wherever you are beginning your trip is your home.

Example: Michael shows his US passport to the US immigration authorities.

Remember that you always must present yourself as a citizen of a country to authorities from that country.

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