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The series also strengthens our grasp on another cultural icon of the age who was briefly in tandem with Wagner: Friedrich Nietzche (Ronald Pickup - who curiously portrayed Verdi in a mini-series a few years earlier).

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For all the flaws of the great composer, the music remains to entice us into listening. Redgrave, Pickup, Guilgud, Richardson, Olivier (again using his "Bassermann" accent - see I WAS A CRIMINAL)do well in the series.If you recall in the film HELLO DOLLY, when Vandergelder (Walter Matthau) is marching in the huge 14th Street Parade, there is a float in honor to Wagner from a German society. I was shown a manuscript for Lohengrin that was being sold.This was not usual with other prominent composers in the 19th or 20th Centuries (even Beethoven or Brahams or Tschaikowski).[*Back in 1972, I was in the rare book and map room at the old B. It was the first published manuscript in Italian of that opera.Nietzche was anti-Semitic too, but after hearing the table talk at Richard and Cosima's parlor (which suggested hideous mass murder ideas), Friedrich started realizing there was a limit to racism before it was too late - he repudiated Wagner before the latter's death in 1883.But by then most of Wagner's friends had repudiated the man.

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