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Patterns of attendance and referrals in hospitals and health centres in Riyadh region, Saudi Arabia, studied before and after implementing a referral system showed a 40.6% total decrease in patients attending hospital outpatient clinics; an 11.9% increase in patients attending primary health centres; a 19.2% increase in referrals; a 33.2% increase in patients attending emergency departments; and a 17.3% increase in inpatients.It is clear that the referral system has, and will have, an impact on primary and secondary health care services.In summary, Elixir has the blond hair and green eyes as well as the Shimakh and Abaya.We can thus combine international success models with local conditions to generate sustainable solutions.Additionally, in 2011, I joined TESOL Arabia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Association of Language Teachers (KSAALT).I attended a number of conferences in Dubai, Jeddah and Riyadh.

By that time, I had already started my Master's Degree in English Literature.We recognized at Elixir that entrepreneurs are critical to our economy.They will not only drive innovation but also employ locals and thus provide employment to the hundreds of thousands of locals entering the labor market every year.We combine global experience with in-depth knowledge of the local culture.Therefore we have the capability & passion to not only develop long term strategies and plans, but also help turn such strategies into reality in the market.

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