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They make excellent secretaries and accountants, and they are often happiest working alone for several hours each day to do a job “right.”Unlike intuitives, sensors have the ability to remember a large number of specific facts in isolation — especially ISFJs.One of the most amazing gifts ISFJs possess is an ability to store and rapidly recall large amounts of facts and details.ISFJs also have an uncanny ability to recall memories in elaborate detail.They can think back to a time with friends or close family and mentally relive the event as if they were there. Each picture in a scrapbook is an invitation to remember and celebrate cherished memories.When they speak, they speak the language of peace — kind, considerate, and affirming words. They can recognize when someone is ecstatic or depressed simply by observing his or her facial expressions and social interactions.Once they know how someone is feeling, they offer an appropriate response, either joining in the celebration or commiserating. When they are down, they turn to other people for words of encouragement and support.

One ISFJ I know bakes elaborate cakes for family members on their birthdays.

While they do enjoy a bit of variety here and there, most find too much change unsettling.

This is because their driving mindset is one that loves tradition and established ways of doing things.

K’s pale skin, nagging cough, and apparent lack of energy made it obvious she wasn’t feeling well, but nonetheless, she’d showed up to her classroom to dutifully prepare the day’s lessons.

She thought she could beat the sinus infection that was plaguing her, but she eventually allowed the principal to persuade her to take the day off.

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