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They will instinctively protect their home and family if they feel they are threatened.

Try ‘dog bites’ and you’ll 40,900,000 options appear! The bad news is that much of it is way out of date, biased, inaccurate, misinterpreted, or based on politically weighted arguments/studies or media-type hysteria.

Make sure their date goes well and they will appreciate it! 2 love birds are enjoying the time together and Ariel's boyfriend is surely a sweet boyfriend to carry all the shoppi...

Africa is a beautiful country, and is the birthplace place for life as we know it.

so you can’t judge the entire breed based on the actions of one (or even several) individual dogs.

This is true for ALL breeds, in every area of behavior.

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    She recently revealed that she's moving away from acting to focus on her lifestyle brand Goop.

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    This elegant Old World cafe has great coffee, simple toasted sandwiches, Wi-Fi, and outdoor tables offering great people-watching over Praça 8 de Maio.

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    A devenit primul vestic care a deschis o şcoală de arte marţiale în Japonia.