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Pre-teens and teenagers get a lot of good out of being involved in making rules, because it gives them the chance to take responsibility for their own behaviour.Choose the most important things to make rules about – for example, a rule about not physically hurting each other would be a must for most families.Clear rules and boundaries will help to give your teenage child a sense of security and let her know where she stands.This is especially important during adolescence, when so many other things in your child’s life are changing. At this stage, young people might push for more autonomy and independence.You can start making simple rules as soon as your child has the language skills to understand them.This is part of teaching your child what you expect.For example, you might have rules for: A few clear and specific rules usually work better than a long list, especially for younger children.

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Writing them down makes them clear, and can also prevent arguments about what is or isn’t allowed.

Sticking the rules on the fridge, or in another prominent spot, can help younger children be aware of them. For children of this age, instead of making the rules public by sticking them on the fridge, it’s a good idea to keep them somewhere a little more private that’s still handy for when you need to refer to them.

For younger children, consider drawing pictures or putting together images from the internet that show the rules.

Involving your teenage child in creating family rules can help her feel that you listen to her and she can contribute.

She’ll also be more likely to see you as fair and stick to the agreed rules.

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