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• Art of Classical Antiquity • Byzantine Art • Middle Ages Art • Renaissance Art • Baroque Art • Rococo and Neoclassical Art • 19th-Century Art • 20th-Century Art • List of Top-20 Greatest Female Nudes in the History of Art See also the greatest Male Nudes in Art History (Top 10).

The standing male nude (kouros) first became important in the sculpture of ancient Greece, which associated the male body with athletic prowess and moral excellence.

Note: Predating Greek art by perhaps two Millennia, the Harappan culture of India's Indus Valley Civilization (3,000-1,000 BCE), was one of the first cultures to produce nude bronzes.

However, attitudes towards female nudity were different.

The female body was associated with the divinity of procreation, and for almost five centuries, the Greeks preferred to see the standing female (kore) clothed.

When you use predate this way, you can read it as a combination of pre-, "before," and date, "point in time." Another meaning of this verb is "to prey on for food," so you could say that your cat predates the mice that live in your kitchen.

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