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Abe, meanwhile, destroys their kitchen with his ignorance of how things work by misusing the appliances, causing a kitchen fire.

This makes Selma realise that maybe love is not everything you need after all, and she dances with him one last time.

They presumably divorce, with Grampa moving back to the retirement home and Selma moving back to her and Patty's room at Spinster Arms Apartments. (American Shipping Services, not affiliated with the human ass), getting the idea from Ned Flanders, and build a fort out of them.

Kicked out of the rec room, Bart and Lisa order a lot of complimentary shipping boxes from the A. When the Wiseguy becomes angry and asks for them back, they refuse, whereupon he threatens to come back and get them by force (while using a cliche Lord of the Rings accent).

We’ll be playing a show at Geno’s in Portland on November 28 to celebrate.

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The army swarms while Bart uses a cardboard tube to shoot down enemies with bricks, beehives, egg cartons and Snowball II. And that's one of the major downfalls that's been hurting the show of late -- running out of stories to tell.

It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 11, 2007.

It was written by Daniel Chun, and directed by Nancy Kruse.

Oh god, I didn't even know what half of these expressions meant!

So hey, if Ted looks as if he's going to die instead of- uhm, releasing, it's because I tried to recollect how O-faces look from all the yaoi mangas I've ever read.

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