Automatic software updating

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Each DC also forwarded data to a Combat Center (CC) for "supervision of the several sectors within the division" SAGE became operational in the late 1950s and early 1960s at a combined cost of billions of dollars.

It was noted that the deployment cost more than the Manhattan Project, which it was, in a way, defending against.

Connecting the various sites was an enormous network of telephones, modems and teleprinters.

The idea of using a computer to handle the task of taking reports and developing tracks had been explored beginning late in the war.Nevertheless, SAGE was the backbone of NORAD's air defense system into the 1980s, by which time the tube-based FSQ-7's were increasingly costly to maintain and completely outdated.Today the same command and control task is carried out by microcomputers, based on the same basic underlying data.By 1944, analog computers had been installed at the CH stations to automatically convert radar readings into map locations, eliminating two people.Meanwhile, the Royal Navy began experimenting with the Comprehensive Display System (CDS), another analog computer that took X and Y locations from a map and automatically generated tracks from repeated inputs.

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