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MPreg, Creature fic DMHP, Sirius is alive cause I wuv him When the trip to Paris is cancelled, Alex decides to spend the night with Tod, but their night turns into something more. Yaoi Kamus era um jovem pobre que se via na responsabilidade de cuidar sozinho de seus 2 irmãos, um estando com uma séria doença. When Pansy comes to Draco nearly three years after the war to ask for his help with none other than an abused and fragile Harry Potter, what could he do but say yes? Será que dessa vez o mordomo perfeito conseguirá protegê-lo? Mas o que ele faria ao descobrir que sem sua nemesi não lhe resta mais motivos para viver? Para uns é uma época adorável, pra outros nem tanto.

To their dismay, Carter soon finds out, blackmailing them, and making their life a living hell. Sem conseguir emprego, viuse forçado a se prostituir para pagar os tratamentos. After all, he had been in love with Harry since they were eleven. - Carl witnesses a very distraught Wilbur doing something in his room, and it's time to reveal all. Harry is trying to spy on Draco and gets caught in magical mistletoe..will take more than a kiss to get him out of this mess. Cada vez com mais frequência, e antes que tente parar com isso, algo inesperado acontece e ele percebe novamente quão importante é seu meio-irmão. Primeira long em português de D&JDraco jurou vingança a Harry pelo aprisionamento de Lucius e cumpriu a promessa. Review PLEASEHarry Potter é o príncipe mais belo do reino. Essa fic é um presente para minha filhota Eri-chan.“Don’t you remember last time you came home like this? Em uma Nova York deslumbrantemente decorada para o Natal estão Dean Winchester e Jimmy Castiel Novak.

It is only when they come upon a very unusual group of survivors do they discover the origin of Glenn's strange illness. There are some things about the wesen world that even Nick cannot wrap his head around. To forget the soldiers went out to dance, soon it changing into something far more intimate. And will it for once not stay with the usual kisses? Jack and Jamie both love each other but are too afraid to admit it for fear of rejection. Sometimes we do things, say things that we don't mean because we're scared. Será que o jovem Potter está pronto para tudo isso? Poor Harry and Draco are in for a tough year...established RHr, DH, mentions of SD, CG, and NL.

Like the concept of giving tributes to the local Royal. This fear causes a rift to appear between them, with Jamie ignoring Jack. Sometimes we can't fix the wounds we inflict on others. Ron e Harry descobrem algumas revistas com temas "adultos", isso os leva a aflorarem sua sexualidade, os levando a debater sobre sexo, os desejos, os hormônios estão a mil e eles compartilham de momentos cada vez mais íntimos. Draco I have edited this, but my friend wants to make it better if it still bad.. Será realizada uma peça no final do ano escolar, os atores seram escolhidos, cada qual de sua casa, Harry e seus amigos estão no sexto ano, e não imaginam a surpresa que os espera. [Tradução] Draco decide que seria engraçado espirrar tinta pelas vestes de Hermione. SLASH.[reposted and COMPLETE] What if magic never existed?

When Harry found the injured eagle in his Uncles backyard, he had no idea helping it would result in a life of joy and love. It's Glen's dirty little secret and Daryl might not remember in the morning. Ron watches his best friend go through some very bad dating experiences, while going through some awkward ones of his own. They will fight to get his memory back and help him prevent another Dark lord from rising. Tudo muda quando descobre que algo lhe foi tirado Tradução: Draco Malfoy foi expulso de sua escola na Inglaterra e mandado para viver em NY com seu tio. This will feature malexmale, mpreg, describe of sexual intercousre and possible violence. Doctor Who – Rory/10/11 Onesided Amy/11 Plot: The Doctor and Amy are of on adventures together, alone. Oh yeah, he needs to choose a father for his children. O que acontecerá quando ele encontra um garoto de cabelos negros e olhos verdes? Rory has been left behind in Leadwroth on the insistence of the Doctor, who simply wouldn't bring along the Nurse. After all, being a Mathayan means he’ll want to give birth to strong children. Your kind does not last long in the hands of greedy men." Slash Mpreg Creature! Glenn & Daryl have managed to stay a couple for almost a year- but what will happen when a piece of Daryl's family shows up and reveals his displeasure about their relationship? While relaxing on a vacation planet, Amy pushes the Doctor and Rory into taking a road trip, just the two of them. But when dealing with demons one must remember that what is seen is generally not what really is. fic Original Characters When Nick rescues a bunch of kittens during a thunderstorm, but he can't carry them around while he's investigating a case. Hopes for a peaceful journey abound, but things never go exactly as planned...

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