Amber benson dating

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At the time, I figured she was good for one outing, but thankfully, my editor, Ginjer, knew immediately that Calliope was special and deserved at least three books in which to impart her tale. I can’t seem to stop Callie from getting into situations that just have to tales told!

The damn character popped fully formed into my head and started babbling at me, insisting I start writing her story as soon as humanly possible.

I guess, if I subscribed to Jungian theory, I would name my muse ‘the collective unconscious’, but somehow that just doesn’t appeal as much to me.

I like the old Greek style of thinking, as they are much more romantic than Jung’s “my experiences are totally having an orgy with everyone else’s experiences” school of thought.

Then she realized she liked the applause more than the dancing, so she focused on the acting she was also doing.

(In a later interview, she admitted to being “klutzy,” so that may have been part of it, too! Anthony Head— who plays Buffy’s mentor Giles— sings more than anyone in that series.

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